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Erick Montes/Danceable Projects is a dance-oriented ensemble I created in 2004. An space where exploration,
generation, and research happen through collaboration.
In Danceable Project, I gather with artists from several disciplines to practice together with an embodied form. We rehearse a repertory work or engage with artistic institutions and cultural organizations, to lecture, curate, or
develop a performance project. The use of different knowledge and crafts is important to me not only aesthetically and philosophically but practically and technologically so our productions can encompass a universal voice that can be focused on inclusiveness regarding the topics that are constantly reshaping our contemporary world and the ever-changing universe along with the human experience.

Danceable Projects has performed in front of diverse audiences in various New York spaces of small and large
scale such as Movement Research at Judson Church, CPR, Dumbo Dance Festival, Green Space, Dixon Place,
CreateArts, The Mexico Now Festival, The Milwaukee Fringe Festival; Festival Cuerpo al Descubierto and The
International Festival for Contemporary Dance in Mexico City.

Erick Montes/Danceable Projects has been reshaped, moved, and enlightened by the presence of many awesome movement collaborators in each original production, including Orlando Zane Hunter Jr., Mark Schmidt, Beaudau Banks, Elizabeth Hepp, and Kailey McCrudden, Emma Pejewsky, Cassandra Cotta, Zoe Allocco, Zach L. Denison, Jennifer Rose, Chritina Jane Robson, Kara Brody, jorge Ronzon, guillermo IV Obele, Oscar Michel Perez
Maldonado, Ana Paula Oropeza and Mei Yamanaka. Our collaborations include artists such as
Musician/Composer Twin Shadow, Composer Sam Crawford, Composer/DJ, Winnie Bennett, Composer Joo Won
Park, Visual Artist Karla Carballar, Fashion Designer Daniel Zero Waste, Architect Thomas Warnke and
Photography Director Bernardo Gasparini.

We recently finished our curated series MOVING LANDSCAPES in collaboration with performance artists Arantxa
Araujo, Miriam Cardiel, and Geraldine Cardiel at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn. These were a
Performance/Movement/Installation series reflecting about the concept of space in the intersectionality with history and memory.

“Walk the walk, write the poem” Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Erick Montes
Founder/Artistic director

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