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Actualizado: 4 dic 2019

I'm gonna try to stay right here 

in this poem of steadiness 

easy and wavy transitioning between one point and the other without announcing it, 

in a phrase like remembering 

no mentioning 

no omitting anything 

on this river of controlling issues 

over night and during the day 

I will try to sing this song and describing every note 

I will stay right here 

on a cue of constant vibration 

pedaling on my childish sea 

slowly honoring the maturity of the world 

not mine 

not yours

then little by little and in faithful ways 

I'm gonna stick to something 

to a believe and to a darling name 

I will try to do the trying thing that at some point we all try at least once 

and while my step trip on this cosmic sheet during my shadow solo 

I will remain here 

by mistakes and errors 

with a survivor tale 

my name will remain here 

casually and humbly singing always singing as when my mother was giving birth of me. 

by The Shortfellow 

New York City 


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