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No so long ago...

Actualizado: 4 dic 2019

No so long ago

I was standing on the same platform 

frigid and lonely like a spark lost in time 

shinning and powerful but still

soundless and timid 

Fire was pulling back from heart

I was standing on a pending rock

precipitating to the sea of life

never doubting but questioning

and in the darkness every possible sign of life

was untouchable 

little to remember 

I was colorless even when my body carry me with such a force,

I was the soil 

I was the Peace 

I was my own

I was the promise

No so long ago

my smile was fresh and courageous

anxious for more

the orbits around me 

were unable to connect 

somehow I believed

rejected myself

and my blood circulated backwards

infinite pain out to my veins 

clear and simple like the petal of this lotus 

pentacle of my path to heal and glow

blossom universe within the universe of my habitat. 

“My Orbits”

by The Shortfellow

New York City

Text Started some where and finish June 17, 2018. 

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